1000 Runners Jump Over Hurdles


Athletes across Sweden gathered in Gothenburg to run (hinderbane lopp) in the city centre organised by ActionRun. The sporting event saw Götaplatsen closed off to cyclists and motorists on Saturday, 12 May, but it wore a look of festive atmosphere.

Tomas Ahremark, the organizer of Action Run, says the objective is to create a fun and a good day for athletes. “Organizing obstacle race in city centres is our uniqueness,” Tomas says.

The running race over hurdles (obstacles) is organised in Borås, Göteborg, Malmö, Stockholm, Vasterås and Örebro. Anna-Carin, Action Run, says, we love to run, and that makes everybody happy.

ActionRun is one of Sweden’s largest OCR / Barrier Race. The running events are organised across cities in Sweden in order to create a lively mood whether it shines or rains. Athletes and elite athletes can participate in the sporting event as the technical and obstacles of fun on the running tracks are of world class. In 2017, running events were organizes in five cities, over 125,000 spectators visited them and almost 10,000 participated in the run of demanding barriers.

ActionRun is continuously working on developing new fun and technically difficult obstacles for runners so that athletes will face new challenges and challenge themselves!