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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

WWW.gothenburg-400.com is a news, features, events and current affairs portal reporting locally, regionally and nationally in Sweden with a global perspective.

Journalism in 21st century is battling to reinvent its role in the backdrop of ubiquitous online media (internet: social media) and dwindling offline media (press: print and broadcast). The website will strive to place utilitarian information to the readers as its defining principle like brutalism in Swedish architecture.  The articles and multimedia content will be published on a weekly basis but aims to become the online newspaper.

The website will focus primarily on the utility information to the residents, visitors and tourists. As the tagline says: …of…for…from… the website is all about Gothenburg in Västra Götaland Region of Sweden. The website will publish information that is usable for the insiders and outsiders ranging from housing and health issues, languages to IT and innovations. Thus, bridging the gap between Gothenburg aka the Little London and the world, and enriching flow of information, goods, services and cultural nuances.

In this endeavour, gothenburg-400.com will report about the city, person or product, company or cafe, educational institution or sports that are locally relevant and globally significant.

Published by Elmira Fanni
Kovuuri G. Reddy: Multimedia Journalist, Content Creator & Editor
Lucinda Palme: Contributor
Web Consultant: Venky
Contact: gothenburg.400@gmail.com


  • Content Writing: text, and in multimedia formats
  • News Syndication & News Agency
  • Social Media Management, Production, Promotion
  • Copyediting and Proofreading
  • Video Production: Infomercials, Commercials
  • Advertising, Branding & Promoting
  • Media Consultancy: A-Z