Alan Rusbridger: On Investigative Journalism


Alan Rusbridger said that newspapers should pursue investigative journalism by keeping aside the demerits of investigative journalism (time consuming and others) because the role of newspapers and journalism is a civic responsibility, and the audience will pay back to the newspaper with their trust and loyalty. He emphasized that putting paywalls by newspapers on their digital versions is not a good idea for it prevents flow of factual information to the audience but can only help the fake newsmakers and people spreading misinformation online.

‘En legendar siar om journalistiken framtid’ – A LEGENDARY PROPHET (STORY TELLER) ON THE FUTURE OF JOURNALISM – was the topic, Alan Rusbridger spoke about at the annual Book Fair in Gothenburg aka Göteborg the second largest city in Sweden and the heart of Scandinavian countries. The seminar was organized Meg. (Sweden’s meeting point for media professionals) and FGJ (Swedish association of investigative journalists). In an hour long seminar, he started to inform the well-attended audience why newspapers do not do investigative journalism from his experience, and there were many reasons and he also informed why newspapers should do investigative journalism. During the seminar he spoke about the challenges of pursuing investigative journalism.

Listen to the podcast:

Alan Rusbridger, the former editor of The Guardian newspaper in the UK, played a pivotal role at The Guardian and in the role of investigative journalism in 21st century. He notes on his website: “The paper I inherited was print on paper. By the time I left in 2015 we continued to print a paper (in a different format) but had transitioned the Guardian into being a 24/7 digital news operation based in London, US and Australia.  We had overtaken the New York Times to become the largest serious English language newspaper digital operation in the world.” During his editorship, he was at the forefront of Wikileaks’ leaks on classified information, publishing news stories of tax dodgers including the newspaper’s advertisers, fighting against defamations and libels among many other issues that an editor faces in editing a newspaper that stands up for values and ideals.

Breaking News: The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now is Alan Rusbridger’s latest book.