Art & Healthcare:  Paintings to Uplift Minds

Lena Foroutan

Artists strive to express the mundane aspects of life profoundly. An artist strives to make a career out of art constantly, and endeavours to express the complexities in simple or complex forms.

Painter Lena Foroutan is aiming to combine her education in art and nursing to paint so that the sight of a painting will help people in a way: To calm the mind, to uplift the dull spirits, and to generate a bright mood.

Swedish landscape, human body, and the world of children inspire Lena Foroutan to pursue arts. She started painting and sculpting before she turned 5. The artistic instinct persuaded her to study arts as a result of passion and for livelihood. She lives in Gothenburg, and continues to work as an artist. She is a ‘fine arts teacher’ for which gained a Master’s degree and also she has licence to work as an art teacher and artist in Sweden. She had her own exhibitions, and also enabled kids to have exhibitions.

Lena Foroutan wishes to make an impact in healthcare through art

The medium of Lena’s works range from acrylic, pastel, watercolours, charcoal and sculptures. Her customers include people who want to commission works, portraits, wall paintings, and illustrations. She likes to paint cats, dogs, horses.

“I use bright colours (to induce positive moods) and experiment with different techniques and materials, experimentation and usage of different materials excite me,” reflects Lena.

“I’m studying nursing. Many ideas are springing in the mind … ideas to work out. Ideas that leads to make people feel better. Sooner it will come out in the form of new and very special paintings,” express Lena.

Education and experience in art and healthcare is making her motive clear: To use art to brighten the moods of people, to make them feel better, and to generate positive vibes.

You can find Lena’s artworks on her personal website: