Askimsbadet: Sea & Swimming at Askim


Within the reach of Gothenburgers is Askim. Askim is an area not only known for villas and bungalows but also the shore of the North Sea skirting a part of Gothenburg in West Sweden. The beach in Askim is shallow and girded by green stony hills, and spots earmarked for games, bathing, diving, and sunbathing. The local government, Göteborgs Stad, has erected a a 259 meters long pier to jump into the water and the pier features two large sunbathing areas as well as ramps for accessibility. Next to the beach, one can also find a café, miniature golf, beach volley pitch, playgrounds, pier and a spot for making barbecues.

Askimsbadet has bagged the coveted award of ‘Blue Flag beach’.

DOGS prohibited: To make the visit of Gothenburgers to Askimsbadet, pleasant and memorable, the local administration has banned the Swedes from bringing their dogs with them from 1 May to 15 September. Almost one in ten Swedes has a dog, and most supermarkets have dedicated shelves for dog food.

THE ESCAPE POD: In collaboration with Parks and Landscape Administration, Safe, Beautiful City and Gothenburg Art, the artist Jens Evaldsson has created an Askim Escape Pond – an educational program and a wooden raft with a semi-transparent sculpture – a Geodesic Dome. The raft has been built at Askimsbadet with the aim to function as a moveable landmark and a venue for meetings, art, lectures and workshops. The art work consists of three parts:

THE EDUCATIONAL PART with workshops and lectures by artists and scientists about the sea, climate change and the littering of the oceans.

THE PHYSICAL PART, THE ESCAPE POND, can serve as a venue by the shore.

AN EXHIBITION in Blåmusslan and Långgrundet at Askimsbadet, where you will find documentation, works of art and traces of the workshops and lectures. The art installation was supported by BRIGGS & STRATTON, JACKSON, NOWOFOL, ORGANOWOOD, SPECIAL-PLAST AB production, WELIN & CO, and with the support of Rickard Råström, Moa Forstorp, Karl Löfberg, Jari Kaljunen, Mecki Granberg, Erik Sund, Kristoffer Svenberg, Roger Hatiebrekke, Leif Hauge, Rut-Karin Zettergren, Hjällbo fritidsgård, Karneolgatans förskola, Förskolevägens förskola samt till medverkande konstnärer and researchers.

HOW TO GET THERE: The nearest bus stop is Askimsbadet and one can search for Askims badväg.