Aural, Aura, Oral


Aural, Aura, Oral

Many animals and human beings are blessed with aural and oral sense organs with which they hear/listen and talk/quack/blabber respectively. If these organs are dysfunctional for one or the other reason they could be disadvantaged but the State or the government should help especially the physically-challenged or differently-abled people: deaf and dumb beings.

Aural is an adjective meaning pertaining to the ear, related to hearing and of the ear or aural parts.

Aural is derived from the Latin word auris (ear) and aura (moving or vital air or breeze).

Aurally refers to the sound, to the ear.

Which is the movie which aurally and visually elevated you to a different plane?


Some people are blessed with an aura though they may be aurally-challenged.

Decent and sensitive people, and governments use the word aurally-challenged rather than terming people with hearing or listening disability as deaf or those hard of hearing. One can also say, aurally-challenged is a euphemism for deaf.

Auraless is an adjective meaning without an aura or auras.

Aura is a noun, and has three meanings. When someone has an aura it means he or she has a distinctive quality in him or her that is almost intangible. Aura is an air of mystery, romance, or charm surrounding something or someone.

Aura is a symptom, sensation such as cold breeze or bright light that comes before the onset of a migraine attack, epileptic seizure

Aura is the radiating light around the head of god or goddess or an object of power.

Aura is the aureole: halo.

Oral is an adjective referring to the speech, relating to the mouth, involving the mouth, usage of mouth or the mouth region.

Doctors examine patients with oral ulcers carefully: oral cancers are rising especially because of chewing tobacco, and smoking.

Oral cancer is common among sexagenarians, especially men.

Speech therapists also do oral examination.

Oral exam is the viva, or viva voice.

Oral examination is part of the diagnosis of human body.

Many cultures have oral traditions that are followed by the society though they are not written down, and oral contract is the one you make orally without putting it on paper.

Oral also refers to the stage in psychosexual development of a child characterised by fixation of interest in the mouth resulting in dependence, selfishness, aggression.

Oral gratification is a Freudian theory. Psychologically, oral gratification is the child felt after breast-feeding, and this manifests in later life among people for oral gratification like drinking, smoking and eating abnormally.

Do you stick to what you say, orally?