Bot, Botch, Botcher, Botfly


Bot, Botch, Botcher, Botfly

Who is planting bots on your internet-enabled devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones)?

Who is releasing bots on the internet, and why?


The reality of internet is also the birth of bots: there in the cybersphere.


Digitally, bot is a device that executes a command for its software developer.

A bot is a software that functions on behalf of its developer automatically like a robot.

A bot on the internet can do tasks on behalf of its developer (and planter) such as sending messages, and conducting online searches by itself among others.

A bot can function akin to a robot with minimal human intervention.

Bot is a short form for a robot.

Media is reporting about bots on social media sphere of the online world. As social media became a reality for campaigns and reaching a wider audience transcending borders across countries and continents, bots are also in the news.

“With ingenuity, you can fool the system into favouring your tweets and posts. If you hack the computers of Democratic bigwigs, as the Russians did, you have a network of bots ready to dish the dirt,” reports The Economist February 24th 2018. With a modest budget, of a little over $1m a month, and working mostly from the safety of St Petersburg, the Russians managed botnets and false profiles, earning millions of retweets and likes.”

Bot is a person

In Australian slang, bot is a person who begs, who cadges, who scrounges.

A bot is a scrounger.

Bot is a larva

Bot is the larva of a botfly.

Have you seen a botfly?

Botfly is a fly. Its larva is parasitic. The larva of botfly lives in the skin or other parts of animals.

Botch functions as a verb and a noun.

As a verb botch means to spoil something by doing a poor or clumsy work, and repair something badly.

A botched work is a piece of work that is done badly.

Who botches your work? If someone botches your work, then you have to do it by yourself because you cannot trust a botch (noun).

What will a director of a movie do, if the actor botches his lines or acting? When he or she repeatedly forgets or stumbles or botches his lines or acting?

The mechanics often repair vehicles but mostly botches them up.

Botch-up and botch functions as noun.


Botcher is a person who botches work.

You may avoid a botcher but it is hard to escape from a bot when you are online: on social media!