Breath, Breathe, Breathalyzer or Breathalyser


Breath, Breathe

Breathalyzer or Breathalyser

Human beings survive because they breathe (verb).

Breath (noun) is the sign that he is still alive.

Breath is a noun. Breath is the air taken into or expelled from the lungs; respiration of air, air that is released from the nostrils, air that can be seen or smelt, or heard (bad breath); a slight movement of air; a whisper, a murmur;  the power of breathing is life; below or under one’s breath means in a whisper (he said something to her under his breath); breath of fresh air is that which is new; a refreshing change; rest after exercise to restore normal breathing; in Old English take one’s breath away means to astound, surprise, delight (His presence in her house took her breath away).

Breathable is an adjective: Delhi is not breathable!

Breathalyzer is an instrument for measuring the amount of alcohol in the breath of a driver.

Few people can suffer from bad breath. The medical terminology for bad breath is halitosis. Bad breath is the unpleasant smell or odour of the breath of a person which could be due to poor oral hygiene. People suffering from bad breath can overcome it by rinsing their mouth after every meal, drink lots of water, eat a lozenge or chew a clove, and see a dentist.

Breathe is the verb: breathe means take the air into and expel it from the lungs through the nostrils (nose); take in the air; utter or say such as he breathed her forgiveness; send out or take in like breathed air; breathed new life into them; such as when wine or the skin exposed to the fresh air; breathe down a person’s neck means follow or check up on person menacingly; breathe one’s last refers to the death of someone; not breathe a word means keep quite secret.

Derivatives of breathe are breathed; breathing; breathes.

“So I’ve never been able to believe that there could be happy endings and a perfect family in my life. I need to work on being able to just pause for breath and appreciate my life.” –Angelina Jolie

Breather is a noun: brief pause for rest.

Breathless is an adjective: out of breath, holding, or as if holding the breath because of excitement etc; still, breathlessly is an adverb; breathlessness is a noun.

Breathtaking is an adjective: means awe inspiring, and breathtakingly.

Breathy is an adjective: breathier, breathiest, breathily (adverb), breathiness (noun): of a singing voice etc containing the sound of breathing.

India cities are becoming difficult to live: no breath of fresh air.

Breathalyzer or Breathalyser is a portmanteau of breath and analyzer or analyser. Traffic police check the drivers whether they are sober or drunk with the aid or help of breathalyzer.