Canvas, Canvass


Canvas, Canvass

Amanda: I like your canvas shoes.

Basil: You are correct but they are canvas shoes but they are called converse.

Amanda: Oh! These days canvas shoes are in vogue. The sales people term them as converse!

Basil: Canvas shoes will be the right pair of shoes for canvass (campaigning at the time of elections).

Amanda: Yeah. In the heat and dust of politics, canvas shoes will fit canvassers.

Canvas is a fabric. Canvas is a strong or heavy-duty woven fabric or material.

Canvas is used for many things. Canvas is the material for making sails (sailing vessels), tentsmarqueesbackpacks, shoes, handbags, sails, tents, cases for electronic devices, bags for carrying delicate objects among others.

Canvas is the coarse material made out of yarn, hemp, or flax.

Canvas material is known for its sturdiness. Canvas is one of the materials used by artists as the painting surface.

Is the painting made on canvas by the artist is an oil painting or water colours?

Cobra Girl is the title of M F Husain’s painting which is an acrylic on canvas; he also made oil paintings on canvas and some on paper by using sketch pens.

Canvas tents are popular for outdoor camping.

Sailing boats and yachts also use canvas.

The painter puts the canvas on the wooden frame and paints.

Canvass means seeking an opinion or votes in elections or orders, soliciting support for a cause and asking for support from someone.

Canvass as a noun refers to an examination or discussions of someone or something. Canvass means survey of public opinion.

As a verb canvass refers to examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize, to travel in a region or an area to seek votes or orders for something or adverts; to conduct a survey or an opinion poll or seek opinion about something; to conduct a detailed examination about someone or something or about an issue or subject that is of importance.

The animal rights activists are actively canvassing for strict laws for prevention of cruelty towards animals.

In spite of canvassing for the elections, he failed to win in his parliamentary constituency because of his unpopularity.

Donald Trump the US President won the US Presidency because his canvass was meticulously planned, and he took charge of the office in 2017.

Former Prime Minister Atal Bhari Vajpayee, who was awarded Bharat Ratna in 2015, was a great canvasser. He had terrific oratorical skills. He was sought by BJP contestants in elections to canvass for their victory.

A politician should have the ability and skill to canvass; unless he or she canvasses to win in electoral arena will be a Himalayan task.