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Monday, April 22, 2019

Café PUBLIK: Homophily  

Café PUBLIK is late-day opening cafe-cum-bar located on the street called Andra Långgatan in Gothenburg: Göteborg.   The café does not offer any exceptional food or...

Egg & Milk: Open 7 Days a Week from 7am: Breakfast & Brunch

Do you know a place in Gothenburg that serves breakfast and brunch every day and seven days a week (note, Saturdays and Sundays, too)...

Alfresco: Café Fluss in Gothenburg

Gothenburg aka Göteborg has started its preparations for celebrating the 400th birthday of the city in 2021. Coinciding with the celebrations, many projects are...

Govindas: Fresh Food, Vegetarian, Vegan

Cafes and restaurants abound everywhere in Gothenburg aka Göteborg but the vegetarian and vegan ones are few though there are growing number of people...



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