Demonym of Gothenburg

Demonym of Gothenburg

What is the demonym for the residents of Gothenburg?

Swedish: Göteborgare, Göteborgarna, Göteborgska

English: Gothenburger, Gothenburgers

Demonym is the name attributed to the natives or residents or inhabitants of a city (New Yorker, Londoner, Delhiite), state (Welsh, Tamilian, Nova Scotian, Bihari), region (Southerner, Madrasi or South Indians), country (Chinese, Indian, Swedish), and a continent (European, Asian, South American, Australian). Demonym is the name given to the people who live in a particular habitation or area or a region within a country. Demonymns are derived from the name of the place that one hails or lives or resides or likes to be identified with: English (England), Siberian (Siberia), Czech (Czech Republic), Spanish (from Spain or a Spanish speaker or from a Spanish-speaking country).

Some places have more than one demonyms depending upon external influences and socio-political influences: the demonym for the resident of a Mumbai the financial capital of India are Mumbaikar, Mumbaiwala, Bombayite, and Bombaywalla(h).  There are some Bombaywallahs too in Gothenburg – there are three restaurants in Gothenburg named after India’s business and movie capital: Bombay, but its name is changed now as Mumbai. Yet in Gothenburg we have Bombay Palace, Bombay Masala and

Göteborg aka Gothenburg is a maritime Nordic city and it is located at the heart of Scandinavia. What is the demonym for the resident of Gothenburg in English and Swedish?


Demonym for Göteborg: Gothenburg
Obestämd form


Bestämd form


Obestämd form


Bestämnd form


EnGöteborgare Göteborgaran Göteborgare Göteborgarna
A Gothenburger The Gothenburger Gothenburgers The Gothenburgers


A female resident of Gothenburg has a specific demonym: ‘göteborgska’. Beware that göteborgska also refers to the Swedish dialect spoken in Gothenburg.

HåkanStrömberg, the educational officer of Gothenburg City Museum (GöteborgsStadsmuseem) explains: Göteborgare in Swedish. In English? “It is more like Germany style – Hamburger. Gothenburger.”

Petra a resident of Gothenburg described in Swedish as Göteborgska because she is a woman: A demonym that teases out the gender of the resident. And she says, her husband is a Göteborgare!

Watch the video how HåkanStrömberg, Petra, Peter Rolfe, Viktor Valencia and Simaodescribe themselves:

Gänget bakom Göteburgare tror att stans veganser saknat flottig mat. Nu öppnar de Göteborgs första helveganska hamburgerhak. – GöteborgDirekt, Angered- Östra Göteborg 6 May-12 May 2017

Hur var det att leva som göteborgare på 1600-talet? Med hjälp av unika föremål, noga utvalda scener, ljudmiljöer och modern teknik som virtual reality tar Göteborgs stadsmuseum oss tillbaka till när allt började. –Ellinor Thunberg, Vårt Göteborg # 1 2017

Masthuggskyrkan är en av de mest urgöteborgska byggnaderna. –Masthuggskyrkan