Domkyrkan: In this Sweet Summertime…


“In this sweet summer time

“Go out my soul, and rejoice in the gifts of the great God.

“See, how the earth stands in ornamentation,

“See how she gears and greets you

“So wonderful are the nets (of nature)” – Domkyrkan the Cathedral of Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Cathedral has the artworks of three artists in display: Soile W. Algeröd, Ulla Hultberg and Elisabet Wahlström whose works are made out of textiles, paintings and glass. The exhibition of these art objects will be in display till the end of this month. Marie-Louise Bengtsson, priest and curator mentions that man’s relationship to nature is not straightforward but in this exhibition, we choose to focus on the joy and all the good we get. The curator wishes that the art may arouse some thoughts and feelings in the visitors.

“Nature often evokes joy and wonder. The sound of birdsong, a rippling stream. The scent of sun-warmed pines and flowering wild periwinkle. Life’s relentless drive to survive even in inhospitable environments, such as the beach drive in the cliff by the sea. A walk in the woods or by the water can contribute to healing and tranquillity. In nature, we get nourishment in many ways. The diversity of life also has a value in its own right, not just for what it gives us the humans,” reflects Marie-Louise Bengtsson, priest and curator. She mentions that nature has inspired artists at all times – those who work with music, image, form and words. As God’s images, we have received part of God’s creative power – art and culture can be windows to the sky. Some of our most appreciated summer hymns are also about the beauty of nature. The songs are full of cheers and gratitude for the beautiful and togetherness, of which we are a part. At the same time, the psalms tell about the rhythm of life, which also expresses something central in the Christian faith – through death to life, about God’s presence in the world and in our lives.

“Many experience the presence of God as strongest in the face of the diversity of creation. God wants life and life in abundance! Joy and wonder are a good starting point for man in his relationship to everything else created. It can be a driving force and give strength to change our way of life. We should not rob ourselves but live in harmony with the rest of creation,” writes Marie-Louise Bengtsson, priest and curator.