Göteborgsvarvet 2019 Finishes, in 2020 on Saturday 16 May

Participants in the Half Marathon: Michael Zantelid (above), Cedrik Andersson (middle), and Erik Didining (below)

The 40th edition of Gothenburg’s Half Marathon, on Saturday 18 May 2019, came to a spectacular end with 200,000 spectators out on the streets to cheer more than 60,000 runners from different parts of the world. The organisers of the marathon noted, “We would like to thank everyone that ran, applauded, helped out and in other ways made the race week a huge success. You make the Göteborgsvarvet a fun event and festival year after year”


The weather conditions in the morning were an overcast sky and tailwinds on Hisiningen island, part of the running track of 21km, but as the start time at 1pm approached and the runners completed their finish line, the weather turned perfect.

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The close contest in the women’s class was between Cynthia Jerop and Tabitha Gichia and both are from Kenya. Gichia was lagging behind Jerop during most of the run but in the Gichia was ‘the first to cross the finish line after an impressive sprint during the last kilometres’ and she completed the 21 km in 01.08,18.

Shadrack Kimining, who also ran last year in Gothenburg, managed to defend his victory and finished the race in 1.00,38. He was followed by Jirius Birech from Kenya and the third place went to Moses Kurong from Uganda.

The Swedish Championship in Half Marathon the winners were Charlotta Fouberg and Robel Fsiha.

Erik Diding, 44, told www.gothenburg-400.com that he ran in the marathon for the eighth time, and he cannot stop from participating in the biggest sporting event in Gothenburg. What drives him to participate year after year? He said, “Today it will be break my own record, and that is 1 hour 22 minutes and something seconds … I hope to do better than last time.”

Michael Zantelid is a Gothenburger (Göteborgare) said that ‘it feels like to be here’. He said he had been participating in the marathon for the 11th time and 2019 was the 12th time. “In this special event. It is all the people around here, he said that makes him inspired and motivated to be here. “It is like a huge party…running around the streets,” he said about the atmosphere and the mood, “spectators on both the sides…that’s why (here).

Cedrik Andersson, 28, was one of the runners, and it was his first time. He hopes to be here in the coming years.

MAY 16, 2020

The organisers of Göteborgsvarvet (Gothenburg’s Marathon) has finalised the date for next year: May 16, 2020, and the registration has begun. “We already unofficially opened registration to the Göteborgsvarvet May 16, 2020. You heard right, you can already register. You pay 595 kr for your registration up until May 19 then after that 645 kr,” they announced. “Now the registration has opened for next year. See you 2020!”

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