Gothenburg’s 2021 Celebrations: Göteborg & Co Unveils ‘Jubileumsplan 2019’


Gothenburg aka Göteborg will celebrate its 400th birthday or quadricentennial in 2021. Göteborgs Stad or the City of Gothenburg’s Jubileumsorganisation, which is part of Göteborg & Co, has unveiled a booklet titled ‘JUBILEUMSPLAN 2019’. Copies of ‘JUBILEUMSPLAN 2019’ were made available at its stand at the Gothenburg Cultural Festival held in August from 6-11, 2019. Göteborg & Co is owned by the local government (Göteborgs Stad) “which means that we work for and with residents, visitors and entrepreneurs. For a sustainable city – open to the world.” Göteborg & Co is also the parent company of other companies undertaking tourism and culture – Liseberg AB, Got Event AB, City Theatre of Gothenburg AB.


In 2021, Gothenburg will mark 400 years and the organization wants to ‘celebrate that in a slightly different way’. It says, “We want to create something that is not overstated in a year. Something that does not end when the confetti on the street is swept away, but what really matters to everyone who lives and works here”. One of the objectives of the celebration is to make the ‘city an even better place. All the way to the anniversary year. And long after that’.

The 40-page booklet, released for the benefit of the audience or Gothenburgers, explains about the plans for the city and what is happening this year and in the coming year. It also published the names and photos of 24 people who are working for 2021 celebrations: Out of 24 people 7 are men and 17 are women.

Gothenburg in 21st century is trying to reinvent itself in a sustainable way and diversify its economy by focusing on tourism, investments, IT and as the hub of startups. The population of the city has been growing constantly, and it continues to remain as one of the top tourist destinations for Europeans, and also gaining traction among Chinese.

More information about the quadricentennial celebrations could be found at:

Facebook: goteborg2021

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Twitter: goteborg2021

For the 2021 celebrations, is working on a project ‘400 THINGS TO DO, TO SEE, TO FEEL’ in Gothenburg.