Instagrammers of Gothenburg: Walk, Talk, & Photography from Frihmanen to Eriksberg

Photo by @IgersGothenburg, @gothenburg400 & a Gothenburger

Gothenburg aka Göteborg is changing, and the change presents many things to experience for one’s personal and professional development, or for the sheer pleasure of pursuing a hobby such as photography, or to know one’s city.

IgersGothenburg has organized a walk on the first Sunday of October 2018 for the Istagrammers in the city. More than a dozen people gathered at Frihamnen or Jubileumsparken and began their walk, and talking, and photography along the journey lasting for more than 2 hours covering the coveted and abandoned parts of the island Hisingen.

One of the participants in the igersGotehnburg’s walking-photographing event was Eivor Ryden. The 75-year-old Eivor said she likes the city and to explore it on feet. Parks and harbour are her favourite spots in Gothenburg. She realized her passion for photography quiet late in life but did not regret it for she has the opportunity now to photograph and share her captures of the city on Instagram:  @eivorr.

Hisingen the 5th largest island in Sweden is the northern part of Gothenburg where the harbour, industries and suburbs are located. The harbour was once the mainstay activity of the city but not no more saving for the five cranes in the shipyard but Hisingen is home to Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Lindholmen Science Park, and new constructions.

Igers is a short from for Instagrammers – Igers has official igers, as well, and the one in Gothenburg is Igersgothenburg.

The walking trail, ran almost parallel to the main part of the city along the River Göta, traversing through the abandoned rail tracks jutting along the inlet and passing past the streets Pumpgatan and Anders Carlssonsgata to Lindholmen Science Park and Eriksberg.

What one can see along the walking trail from Frihmanen and Eriksberg:

  1. The 5 red cranes: The cranes painted in red form a defining image of Gothenburg
  2. The glassed building of Swedish public sector media: SVT and SverigeRadio overlooking the river
  3. Lindolhmen Science Park
  4. Älvsrummet
  5. The slottsberget: Between 1850 and 1900 some workers in the shipyard built houses on the hill called Slottsberget between Lindholmen and Sannegårdshamnen (small boat harbour). Today they are well-preserved (historical and habitable).
  6. Erisksberg – the sailing boats parked in the quay and ready to use at the hint of an outburst of sunshine!
  7. The tallest building of Gothenburg under construction
  8. The views of the bridges of Gothenburg on either side of the walking trail: Göta Älv and Älvsborg
  9. Café Elena – for coffee, snacks, and art works
  10. Maritime remnants, Modern Age abandonments, Post-Modern Innovations

If you want to participate in the walking-photographing events in Gothenburg, contact or follow: @igersgotehnburg on Instagram

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