Lotta at Liseberg: Amusement & Music


Lotta Engberg is almost a musical institution in Gothenburg and the national treasure of Sweden. Her name itself draws Swedes to her musical shows conducted regularly during the seasons of summer and winter at Liseberg, and also aired on television channels. Her popularity has made Liseberg to have a show in winter titled Jul-Lotta på Liseberg. Maji Amedi, one of the employees at Liseberg, said Lotta has the capacity to enliven the audience and ensures everyone is having a good time.

For the Christmas in 2019, there will be Jul-Lotta at Liseberg’s Stora Scenen. The intro-song could be ‘Hej, mitt vinterland’ and outo-song could be ‘O helga natt’.

Liseberg transforms into a winter wonderland during the Christmas season.

Liseberg is not only an amusement park but it also has regular music concerts. One of the musicians who gives a regular performance is Lotta Engberg popularly known as ‘Lotta’. She is known for her ‘Allsång på Liseberg’ which is a sing-along event.

Lotta Engberg did not become an overnight celebrity. She has been in the game of music industry for a long time to make a career out of music. Anna Charlotte Pedersen, now known as Lotta Engberg, started her career with an orchestra and as a pop singer, and later as a TV host. She started with Melodifestivalen in 1984, and won it in 1987, and prior to that with ‘Nygammalt’ on SVT in 1980 at the age of 17. She also represented Sweden for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1987.

The singalong show at Liseberg is also aired on TV4, and it is ranked as the most watched programme. According to Jonathan Nordin, an executive producer at TV4, ‘Lotta at Liseberg’ has the same rating level as last year and we also have a higher proportion of all TV viewers who choose Lotta at Liseberg on Monday evenings. The television channel said that it was a successful summer 2019. Now Liseberg and TV4 are getting ready for the Christmas 2019.