LunchIn @ OGBG organised by Per Eklöf & Maria Bouvin


Do you know a place where you can meet people to network with over a lunch?

Do you want to meet people in business over a lunch?

Do you want to eat your lunch with others?

Do you want to network with unmet people over lunch?

Do you want to pitch your ideas to businessmen and businesswomen over a lunch?

Per Eklöf and Maria Bouvin are the ambassadors of LunchIn. They organize the luncheon meetings every Thursday afternoon over a lunch and the venue for the lunch is OGBG at Comfort Hotel located by Stenpiren in central Gothenburg.

The price of lunch, buffet and a coffee with biscuits or croissants or fruit or combination of those, is SEK 125. Is the price of lunch is worthwhile and to come here and have lunch? “Absolutely. The only thing you pay for is the time you spend here – an hour or forty five minutes or three hours and it is really up to you – and you pay for your lunch which is modestly priced for Sweden or Gothenburg, if you compare to other networks you pay monthly or an annual fee which is lot more,” says Per Eklöf.

“The importance is to meet other persons to start to build relations, relations of business opportunities or whatever. Building relations is the core of LunchIn.” –Per Eklöf 

The interaction and network meetings take place on every Thursdays from 11:30 am, and it is an open invitation.  

“It is really a good response. People who are here for the first time usually say they will come back and they do that and I can see there is lot of energy here. People shine and light up and it is only a genuine talk,” observes Maria Bouvin.  

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OGBG Restaurang c/o Comfort Hotel
Skeppsbroplatsen 1, 411 21 Göteborg

Tel: 031 – 752 28 10