Man Shot to Death in Guldheden: Gang Wars

Guldheden, Sunday, 20 May 2018

A young man was shot to death in Gulden in central Gothenburg on Sunday, 20 May, by his rival gang. According to police, the victim was killed by a person who has been identified but yet to make an arrest or to take into custody due to legal reasons. Thomas Fuxborg, press officer, Väst (Hallands- och Västra Götalands län) told but the proceedings are underway to nab the killer. He said the man shot-to-death may be in his mid-20s, and his body is kept in the hospital for autopsy.

Homage to the deceased

Police has identified the car in which the killer came. It is still not certain as to how many persons came in the car. But the police got clues as they have identified the owner of the car.

Thomas Fuxborg said the reason for this killing is the gang war. There are two gangs in Gothenburg that are active, and they fight to control their trade in narcotics (drugs). The gangs are operated from Biskopsgården, and are active in recruiting youngsters.

The person who was killed on Sunday was an active member of a rival gang. He was apparently shot with an automatic rifle.

On 20 May, the police sealed the area near Guldheden’s Water Tank (Guldhedens Vattentorn). The café in the Water Tank (Tower) is popular among a section of Gothenburgers. The nearby sparse woods are used by lovers to snatch moments of privacy with sumptuous views and also by taxi drivers as an outdoor urinal point.

A resident in the neighbourhood of the shooting told that the incident is unexpected in the area. He had lived in Angered for ten years, such incidents are not unusual there but he was surprised that the gang wars are spreading to the residential areas of the city centres.