Military Wives


Queues at shops and kiosks are common in Gothenburg but to see a long queue at a State-run liquor shop or at a church or a theatre is rare. The rare happening of a long queue took place at a film screening in Gothenburg at the time of the annual film festival in January 2020.


One of the films at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2020 that attracted audience’s attention was Military Wives. The movie was screened at Stora Teatern and there was queue to get into the theatre. The movie is about women and girls whose husbands and partners have been posted in Afghanistan as part of the US-led peace-keeping force. With the husbands and partners gone to Afghanistan on behalf of the British government, the women at a camp form a choir. The choir brings girls and women with little experience in singing but with their commitment to sing well and to make their voice heard to a larger audience, also as a tribute to their husbands serving their country, becomes a media sensation in their country. The choir finally ends up singing at the Royal Albert Hall, and many more choir groups are formed across the UK and elsewhere.

Military Wives:

Director: Peter Cattaneo; Writers: Rosanne Flynn and Rachel Tunnard; Stars:  Kristin Scott Thomas, Sharon Horgan, Jason Flemyng, Emma Lowndes, Gaby French, Greg Wise, Lara Rossi, Amy James-Kelly, India Ria Amarteifio, Laura Checkley, Karen Sampford, Roxy Faridany, Robert Whitelock, Colin Mace, Beverly Longhurst, Sophie Dix, Lila McNamara, Charlie Price, Teresa Mahoney, Sebby Wilson, Mike Capozzola, Emmanuel Akinbami, Michael Whittman, Davina Moon, Anna Benamati, Nigel Black, Dian Cathal, Charlotte, Shafali Chung, peter Graovac, Lorna-Jane Hamer, Charlie Hiscock, Ruth Horrocks, Jane Ledsom, Ning Lu, Davina Sitaram, Caitlin Taylor, Lesdy Vanessa,  Hanna Whiteoak, Talitha Wing and Monica Wong. The producer of the movie is Rory Aitken, and it has more than dozen other producers such as co-producer and executive producer, and cinematography by Hubert Taczanowski.

Peter Cattaneo is the director of the movie THE FULL MONTY.

Diana Cheng reviewed Military Wives: “The ‘feel good’ element is how the women deal with their own personal issue and accept each others’ foibles to work together in harmony, reaping mutual support and deep friendship.”