New Library Opens in Gamlestan (Nya Lödose): Världslitteraturhuset


Gothenburg aka Göteborg has a new library close to the central part of the city. The new library is located in the newly-built Gamlestaden in Östra Göteborg (Eastern Gothenburg) where there is a big tram- and train-junction. Kerstin Årre from Östra Göteborgs Stad told that the residents and visitors should visit the library because of the range of the books the library has, and the ease and convenience of reaching to the spot.

Gamlestaden literally means the old city, and historically Gamlestaden was one of the original spots of Gothenburg then known as Nya Lödöse (Nylödöse, or Nylöse or Nylösse) where there were inhabitants in the 15th century.

Kerstin Årre said one can also see the archaeological findings of the old city in the vicinity of the library and the train station.

The library is known as the ‘World Literature House’ – Världslitteraturhuset – because it aims to keep books in different languages so that residents from other countries who have made Gothenburg as their home can have access to books in their mother tongue and also books in languages ​​from around the world. The library was opened on 1st December and one of the guest writers were Johannes Anyuru.

Johannes Anyuru the Swedish writer read out to a packed audience from his works, and gave autographs for his book fans. He is born and raised in Sweden but his father was from Uganda. He said his Swedish mother influenced him in learning Swedish to high literary standards because she read lot of books to him in kind ways and loving manners.

The other participants in the new libraray’s opening were Monica Zak, Gbgimpro, Dembo Jatta, Jila Mossaed, Carlos Rojas, Rickard Stierna, Zulmir Becevic, Kajsa Öberg Lindsten och Göteborgs poetry slam. During the opening ceremony on 1st December there were special programmes for children and music.

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