New Travel Centre with Waiting Room by Central Station


Västtraffik has opened a new travel centre with a waiting room by Central Station for the benefit of commuters living in and around Gothenburg aka Göteborg. It came into operation from Monday, 18 June 2018 and it will be there for another 10 years.

Västtraffik is the government agency that manages and operates the public transport in West Sweden.

Petronella Carlzon says the travel centre will ease the congestion and help commuters to relax and wait

Petronella Carlzon, Byggprojektledare or the Building Project Leader, Västtraffik told that the whole structure is made of eco-materials, and it can be shifted to another place when a permanent structure is built.

The waiting room has toilets and Pressbyrån the grocery-cum-utility shop for the commuters’ needs. But one has to pay for the toilets either with an app or by dropping a coin: 10 SEK.

Inside the travel center-cum-waiting room one can also buy the tickets, avail the toilet and buy something at the kiosk run by Pressbyrån.

The travel centre is opened daily from 05.30 to 22.00.

Åkareplatsen resecentrum or the travellers’ waiting room is the newest addition in the Central Station area of Gothenburg. Västtraffik said, “The commuters’ travel center opposite the taxi station at the Central Station in Gothenburg opens on June 18th. Lines that previously run to and from Nils Ericson Terminal, now ride to the new travel center. The fact that seven bus lines stop before the Central Station will ease traffic there.”

From the Central Station, those alighting at the station, one can follow the yellow markings ‘from the Nils Ericson Terminal and through the Central Station to the main entrance to Drottningtorget and across the transition point. Then take left along the gable of Hotel Post. The commuters’ travel center is located behind the hotel.”

The following bus lines run to and from the new travel center:

  • Linje 100 Göteborg-Borås
  • Linje 101 Göteborg-Bollebygd-Borås
  • Linje 102 Göteborg-Borås sjukhus
  • Linje 120 Göteborg-Viared-Regementsstaden
  • Linje 300 Kinna-Göteborg
  • Linje 330 Kinna-Sätila-Göteborg. Linje 330 kommer att köra till och från Heden från och med 20 augusti.
  • Lerumsnabben Ingared-Floda-Lerum-Göteborg
  • Gråbosnabben Brobacka-Sjövik-Gråbo-Göteborg