Sweden Goes to Polls: Gothenburgers Started to Vote


Sweden is going for elections—local, regional, national—and some people have had already cast their vote in a local library or posted their postal vote prior to the official polling day on Sunday, 9 September, 2018. The voting ends on Sunday at 8PM, and the counting of votes starts immediately.

In Gothenburg aka Göteborg, there were long queues for the last couple of days at the main library in the city at Götaplatsen. A librarian told many people have come to put their vote and the polling ends at 8PM on Saturday a day before polling. But on the official polling day, voters have to find the nearest polling station in their neighbourhood.

Rebecka Forsberg, 19, contesting for the local elections from the Green Party: in politics to fight against the rise of right wingers and SD, and in support of environmental-friendly policies

According to the opinion polls, there will be a hung parliament in 2018 elections like it was in 2014 elections. The government could be formed again by the incumbent Prime Minister Stefan Löfven of Social Democratic Party (S) along with the support of the Green Party and the Left or by the Moderate Party led by Ulf Kristersson.

Mattias Jonsson, S, MP hopes it will be the Stefan Löfven-led Sweden again

The question is: Will it be the Swedish Democratic Party (SD) or the Moderate Party (M) in the second place. In 2014 elections, SD came in the third place but this time, according to opinion polls, it could replace M for the second position.

2014 Election Results to the Parliament: Out of 349 members, the results are –

The Social Democratic Party (S): 113

The Moderate Party (M): 83

The Sweden Democrats (SD): 42

The Green Party: 25

The Centre Party: 22

The Left Party (V): 21

The Liberal Party (L): 19

Christian Democratic Party (KD): 16


Social Democratic Party (S) will emerge as the single largest party but how many parliamentary seats will it get and its (directly and indirectly) supporting parties like the Green Party and the Left Party. Mattias Jonsson, the MP from S in Gothenburg told www.gothenburg-400.com that right now we cannot say anything about who would form the government.

Gothenburg witnessed hectic political activity today with the leaders of three political parties addressing their supporters. Christian Democratic Party’s Ebba Busch Thor addressed her supporters at Stenpiren, Jimmie Åkesson of SD near Kungsportsplatsen and Jan Björklund at Avalon hotel.

The supporters of the SD and the Left Party almost clashed in central Gothenburg shouting slogans at one other.

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