Sweden’s Largest Carnival: 26, 27, 28 May


Preparations are in full swing for the annual Hammarkullekarnevalen 2018 at Hammerkullan in Gothenburg aka Göteborg. The 3-day 41st carnival  starts on Friday 26 May and the highlight of the carnival is a procession of dancers and musicians that goes around Hammerkullen.

You do not have to go to a country in Africa or South America to see a carnival: the carnival is here in Gothenburg! Hammerkullan’s carnival is the biggest carnival in Sweden, and competes in scale and grandeur with London’s Notting Hill annual carnival.

Gilbert Ohlson admires the artwork of Charquipunnk, Chile, Sweden, 2017

Gilbert Ohlson expects about 100,000 visitors to the carnival. He says the best aspect of the festival is the participation of the residents in the carnival by showcasing their artistic and cultural heritage.

For hour-to-hour programme spanning over 3-days, please check the carnival’s official website: https://www.karneval.se/

Gilbert Ohlson (left) and Tony Parath (right), organisers, at the Hammarkullekarnevalen’s office in Hammerkullen

Since the start of the carnival in 1969, it is always scheduled in the last weekend of May. While carnivals and festivals started in other parts of Gothenburg, they disappeared unlike Hammerkullen’s.