Sweden’s Oldest & Only Circus Family


Cirkus Brazil Jack: Once a Year to Gothenburg …

Circus Brazil Jack is the oldest Swedish circus family in the world. It has been visiting Gothenburg for over 200 years. It is also the only oldest circus family that exists in the world today.

Since 1899 the artists from the circus company have been visiting Gothenburg. And, it is the only circus company left in Sweden.

Trolle Rhodin epitomises circus culture in the country. He is a 12th generation artist performing in their forefathers’ circus company. His grandfather has named the company as Cirkus Brazil Jack. Brazil Jack is his grandfather’s performing name or the artist name.

PODCAST: Trolle Rhodin says …

Are there people going to circus in 21st century’s smartphone and social media-dictated livelihoods for entertainment and engagement?

Gothenburgers give their patronage to circus. They are usually families, couples, grandparents with grandkids, families with children.

Will there be 13th generation performer from Circus Brazil coming to Gothenburg?

Note: In Swedish language, k is replaced with ‘c’ such as in circus: cirkus!