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The (Un)Remarkable Painting

The (Un)Remarkable Painting The spring season has begun, officially, but birds and humans are yet to feel its blast of gifts in their midst. Wintry temperatures,...

Why, Daddy?

Why, Daddy? Dot on time, the father reached at the mutually agreed spot (with the mother of his child) at the tram stop to collect...

The Smile, After 1095 Days

The Smile, After 1095 Days The day after Ingvar Kampard the founder of IKEA died, Emil Johannsson was taken out of the prison and escorted...

Commotion in Commute

Commotion in Commute Diaspora tax! Kidane the Swedish-Eritrean feels blessed to live away from his country of birth. Sadly, the nefariousness of the ruler continues to...

Choice to Choose

Choice to Choose Inhaling deeply the freshness of Tynnered air and the fumes of her cigarettes, Cecilia pondered on how best to extract the relaxation...

Their Adieus: Father & Son

Their Adieus: Father & Son The 83-year-old man expected his 3 children and grandchildren would visit him as he had wished. His eldest son and...



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