Tube Squeezer: Gothenburg Teenagers’ Eco-Friendly Design


Four teenagers from Gothenburg has designed a ‘tube squeezer’ as part of their class curriculum and have started to manufacture them on a small-scale to sell them at the Christmas markets.


Amadeus Enhager, David Solin, Kevin Falcon and Samuel Broscué are the four students Hvitfeldtska High School (Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet). They have designed the tube squeezer as part of their class’ innovation course. They have conceived the design for the tube squeezer and have ordered prototypes of the tube, and sensing a response from the people they have ordered more.

Tube squeezers are available in markets to get every drop out of the tube (toothpaste or caviar or cream or cosmetic) and thus avoid the wastage and save money for the household.

The uniqueness of the tube squeezer designed by 17-year-olds from Hvitfeldska High School is that it is eco-friendly. The tube squeezer is made from locally available wood: from the birch tree. There are tube squeezers in the market in various sizes and shapes but most of them are made of plastic.

Each tube squeezer is priced at SEK 49 but one can purchase them two for SEK 89.

Trävligt UF is the name of the company. They say the name is also a wordplay:  formed out of two words ‘träd’ and ‘trevlig’.

The company and its founders are mentored by Helene Johansson, a business consultant based in West Sweden (Västra Götaland).

Helene Johansson is mentoring the students as a gesture of goodwill and as part of her social responsibility. She said, “We have to encourage our students for they are our future.”

The eco-friendly tube squeezer will be available for shoppers at the Christmas markets at Haga on 1st December and at Nordstan on 4th December.

Hvitfeldtska High School (Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet) is in Gothenburg aka Göteborg since 1647 and it is the largest and oldest high school.  Apart from teaching science, mathematics, trade, economics, language and music, the high school also encourages the students to think innovatively for it is also the era of entrepreneurs. The high school offers the International Baccalaureate, IB, along with French or German section school and claims to have an international atmosphere. The school prepares the students for college and has collaborations with Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg University and Swedish Trade (Svensk Handel).

Tube squeezer in Swedish is called ‘tubklämma’, and Sweden is also a nation of tube users for edible products such as caviar paste such as smörgåscaviar.