Västtrafik: Why Gothenburgers should travel in buses and trams


Västtraffik is urging Gothenburgers to use busses and trams instead of using cars especially in the peak times. It has started a campaign to make the residents aware that ‘55 people can travel in a bus in the place of 55 people driving in 55 cars’ to workplaces. To this effect, Västtrafik gathered a bus and cars to Gustav Adolf Torg to make people ‘see’ how much space the cars occupy the roads and clog the traffic. The images of ‘a bus and 55 cars’ is also displayed on billboards in the city.

Mette Ramquist, press officer, Västtrafik, spoke to www.gothenburg-400.com explaining the importance of commuting in public transport.

Public transport (kollektivtrafiken) – buses, trams, ferries – is going to be affected severely in Summer 2018 due to urban development and infrastructure projects under construction. To ease traffic congestion, Västtrafik is making ‘several changes to facilitate travellers in public transport during this period, including a temporary reinforcement in the form of a free ferry service between Rosenlund and Lindholmen’.

Västtrafik is the government body that is responsible for public transport – Göteborgs spårvägar (trams), ferries, trains, and buses or busses) – in the county of Västra Götaland.

Few Gothenburgers are preferring to travel in a private transport, car or motorbike, citing buses and trams are overcrowded, and there is always a disruption on a journey for a reason. A Gothenburger told www.gothenburg-400.com that he prefers to travel on his motorbike to avoid people and to save time to reach his destination though it is expensive.

Gothenburg’s Tramways (Göteborgs Spårvägar) is the popular mode of public transport for residents. It is enabling people to journey since 1879. There is no holiday for trams or spårvägar in Gothenburg. It is the lifeline of the 400-year-old city.