72 Hours: Equip Yourself with Essentials for 3 Days in Your House, In Case


Klara dig själv i minst tre dygn, 72 timmar!


How to live in your house if there is no electricity, no water, and no food? There is a way, if you think, and prepare for it. The City of Gothenburg (Göteborgs Stad) periodically alerts the residents to have basic things at one’s disposal: Klara dig själv i minst tre dygn, 72 timmar!

Sweden is a modern country where most of them live a safe and secure life with all possible amenities guaranteed such as electricity and water supply among others. But a modern society is also a vulnerable society in case there is a crisis, a crisis that can happen for unknown and unimagined reason? How uncomfortable you will be if something like a crisis happens?

The Swedish crisis preparedness is based on everyone taking joint responsibility for the security of the country and for oneself and for one’s relatives: “You own responsibility means that you will be prepared to handle a difficult situation and meet the immediate needs that may arise.”

The local government asks, “When a major catastrophe or a minor crisis occurs, it may take days before we return the normal service to the community. How are going to do then? If you are without power. Without heat. If there is no food in the stores. …” THINK! “Being able to live for a few days without electricity, water or food is no easy situation. But most of us can do it if we are thinking of it before. If we manage the first emergency days, it will make it easier for the most distressed. Then society’s resources can be used to help the needy and the vulnerable people, for example, the elderly, the sick and the children.”

Checklist to deal with a crisis:

In case of crisis there is a risk that you have to live without heating, lighting, water and much more. The government has gathered tips on how to prepare yourself and what you should have at home:

  • Water (An adult normally uses about three liters of fluid a day for drinking and with food)
  • Food (Most food items can be stored without refrigeration or freezer and easy to prepare)
  • Camping kitchen with fuel
  • Outdoors: A point where you can have a barbecue (cooking food like in those old days)
  • Heat and light:
  • Alternative heat source, if possible
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Candles, candles, and matches or matchboxes or lighters (tändare)
  • Warm clothes
  • Radio with battery
  • Telephone list on paper with important numbers
  • Hygiene products
  • Cash, in case there is not internet connectivity or electricity

Emergency Number, SOS: 112

Police: 114 14

National information number in case of crisis: 113 13

Health Care Advice: 1177

Gothenburg City Contact Center: 031-365 00 00

VMA: Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten (VMA), är ett vaningssystem som används vid olyckor, allvarligahändelser och störningar i viktiga samhällsfunktioner.

VMA is an important message to the public. The message is relayed through several channels, in case of a crisis: radio, television, Swedish Radio app SR Play, voice message to fixed telephony in the affected area, sms to mobile phone if used in the affected area.

Hesa Frederik is an outdoor warning usually when typhoons occur. It is also a warning signal for the public. The warning signal is heard for 7 seconds. Then comes 14 seconds silence. Then it sounds again. When the danger is over, a longer signal will be heard in 30 seconds. The signal is tested on the first Monday in March, June, September and December, at 15.00

If you want to know more about what to do when there is a crisis, please check the following websites:





Nyttiga telefonnummer

Nödnummer, SOS: 112

Polis: 114 14

Nationellt informationsnummer vid kris: 113 13


Sjukvårdsrådgivningen: 1177

Göteborgs Stads kontakcenter: 031-365 00 00

Useful phone numbers

Emergency Number, SOS: 112

Policy: 114 14

National information number in case of crisis: 113 13

Health Care Advice: 1177

Gothenburg City Contact Center: 031-365 00 00


The city’s official website has made the story, Klara dig själv i minst tre dygn, 72 timmar! as the featured story. The following link gives you more information about 72 HOURS and there are videos.