Accept, Except, Exception, Excerpt, Acceptor, Excerption


Accept, Except, Exception, Excerpt  

Acceptor, Excerption

As a gesture of affection, you may accept the idiosyncrasies of your dear ones except occasionally.

Do we all want to be accepted by the society? Exceptions are there!

Acceptance of a person into a group or family or a team is often resisted but once the resistance starts to wane the entrant will have bonhomie.

People expect to be accepted by the society but there are some who are unbothered for acceptance, and live their lives as fairly as possible and on their own terms.

The family accepted (agreed) the invitation to attend the wedding of their distant relative’s son but informed the relative that everyone will attend except (not that one) for the youngest.

Accept is a verb meaning to take responsibility, to take something willingly, be willing to agree with someone or something; taking something as true, making someone feel welcomed.

Germany has accepted to take almost half a million Syrian refugees to enter into their country in the wake of Civil War in Syria.

Karin accepted Larry’s proposal to marry him!

Happily, Marlin accepted the offer of employment from GÖ-trek!

Either you accept who you are or reject who you are, and accordingly alter your life.

Derivatives of accept are accepts, accepting, accepted (verb); acceptable (adjective), acceptably (adverb), acceptability and acceptance (nouns).

In physics, acceptor is an atom or a molecule receiving an electron.

Except plays the double role of the preposition and the noun meaning not this one, to leave out something or someone, and excluding (not that one).

Except means saving for, bar (that one), not that.

Except on rainy days, the family goes out for a walk in the mornings.

Hotels are usually opened throughout the year and round the clock except when something happens in its vicinity.

The motivational coach answered all the questions except (preposition) his personal issues.

Few countries feel outraged for they were excluded (verb) from the United Nations’ permanent membership or decision-making process.

You may like all the countries in the world except North Korea.

Why that exception?

Because it is ruled by a draconian dictator, and there is no freedom (for media, and for social and political expression).

Exception is a noun meaning leaving out someone or something.

Politicians are corrupt exceptions are always there.

Exceptional is an adjective: Singapore is an exceptional country in terms of curbing racial and religious riots.

Excerpt is a short extract from a book, film, music, etc. As noun it is pronounced as ek-serpt, but as verb it is pronounced as ik-serpt.

Excerpt is a passage or an extract.

Research articles usually quote excerpts of other researchers.

Excerpt derives from the Latin word excerptum meaning – thing plucked out.

Derivatives of excerpt are excerptible (adjective) and excerption (noun).

One cannot publish excerptions from other books or websites without permission or by giving a reference.

Human beings are exceptionally generous except few but the society has to accept them.