Ali the Viking: Viking Barbershop

Ali the Viking

Passion for styling the human beings and commitment to excel as a hairdresser from the age of 18 has inspired Ali to become a barber. “I work from my heart,” says Ali Alhussen.

Ali at work: “I work from my heart”

The Syrian-born Ali has chosen Sweden as his country, and had lived in Cyprus before moving to Sweden. In Sweden, Gothenburg has become his home town where he learned to establish himself as the barber and as the owner of barbershop.

The journey to become a hairstylist and to own his own barbershop was not easy and was not spoon-fed but he fought his way against all the odds.


“It is not easy to come into the (business) system … and it took five years to find the right place for me and of course to learn the language too and some experience of life too (in Gothenburg, Sweden),” recollects Ali.

Vikings’ Memorabilia

“If you want something you can do it, if you want from the heart to be there, of course, you have to fight for it,” Ali says emphasising the importance of dedication to achieve a dream. And, he is seeing his dream, for the last six months, every day with his hands and from his heart: Viking Barbershop.

Vikings Barbershop is located in the heart of Gothenburg overlooking the canal and Fiskekyrkan on Rosalundsgatan. “I have the luck to get this salon here because it is a good area for me,” says Ali. Locals and tourists come to his shop to groom themselves with a latest twist to their hairs. He notes that his barbershop is becoming popular with each passing and also with tourists and ‘most tourists are from everywhere … America, England, France … from everywhere really’.

A Viking in the barbershop


“I have watched too many films on Vikings. And they look really stronger … and they really are. Vikings almost have long beards and long moustache and they look really manly and much stronger. So that is why I choose this name (Vikings) and of course Scandinavian countries. And a strong name,” notes Ali when asked he named his barbershop as ‘Viking’.


Ali likes Sweden, the Swedish system, and Gothenburgers ‘are nice’. He observes that Swedish men like Scandinavians have striking characteristics of Vikings: masochism – beard and moustache are striking attractive features for opposite sex. And his next goal is to start a barbershop in Stockholm but before that: “I want to make (Viking barbershop) the best in Gothenburg.”

VIKING Oils: Viking Barbershop also sells beard oils of different flavours such as sandalwood, whisky, gin and tobacco/cigar for the benefit of bearded men. The beard oils are sourced uniquely by the Viking Barbershop.