Apprise, Appraise


Apprise, Appraise

The multinational companies usually appraise the investment climate in a country including the rate of returns in the future and accordingly apprise their top executives to make a decision.

Appraisals help to make informed decisions.

IMF and World Bank appraise about the countries annually and apprise the world!

Apprise and appraise are not interchangeable words but could be confused.

Appraise is a verb meaning to evaluate, to assess the value of something, assess the quality of something

The teacher appraises the students’ work and gives them the feedback for improvement.

In few institutions, students also appraise the work of their teachers so that the teachers can also improve in how to impart the learning in more effective ways.

As he spotted them walking past him, he gave them an appraising glance.

First-time home buyers usually buy their house after it is appraised.

The jury on selecting the best work on non-fiction appraised all the books and finally took a decision by selecting only three books.

Appraisal is a noun: appraisal is an act of appraising something or somebody; appraisal is the process of valuing something or somebody in order to determine its exact value.

Where is the appraisal on the state of electricity situation in our country?

Have you got the appraisal on the house you want to purchase?

Appraiser’s job is to evaluate the value of an asset.

An insurance assessor’s job is to appraise (evaluate or assess) the damages and give an appraisal to the company.

Apprise is a verb meaning to inform; informing somebody about something. The other derivatives of apprise are apprised, apprises, and apprising.

The Home Secretary of India apprises the Home Minister about the prevailing security arrangements in the country and also the measures taken for unaccepted attacks both from within the country and the outside the country.

It is customary for the Chief Minister of a state in India to apprise the Governor about the developmental aspects in the state.

Family members usually apprise each other about their whereabouts without appraising each other’s activity at all times.

Yuvraj Singh was apprised that he was not selected for the Indian cricket team to play in the World Cup 2015 held in Australia and New Zealand but he did not felt disappointed because Delhi Daredevils the IPL team had appraised his ability and selected him to play for it!

Armed with an appraisal on the social media, he apprised his boss the need to have a presence on the social media websites.