Art for Employment: From Painting on Streets to the Industry

Carin Kurling, Sätt Färg På i Göteborg

Artworks along 21 km is ongoing in Gothenburg…a world record…

How can one turn art to employment?

What are the ways to motivate youth to get back to live their lives?

How to enthuse the youth, in the underprivileged areas, in the neighbourhoods where there are no role models, and in the areas where is high unemployment rate, to feel worthy?

Is there a magic wand to integrate teenagers and youth to make them feel worthy and make their lives to live meaningfully?

Who can guide the youth out of labour market to the labour market?

‘Put on Colour’ in Gothenburg (Sätt färg på Göteborg) is a project that is addressing and answering the above questions. Several actors work together in the project to give the unemployed youth a chance through inculcating skills in an art. ‘Put on Colour’ helps youth to get jobs and to integrate them into the society beginning with street art – painting!

“Many people have been unemployed, sitting at home for a long time and feeling hopeless about their future. It is really important to focus on them,” says Carin Kurling the information officer. The project deals with the youth in learning and refining the art of painting – for this the painters start with painting the streets: ‘paint your neighbourhoods and show to yourself and your family and friends what you have contributed’.

PODCAST: Carin Kurling talks about the vision and the mission of ‘Put on Colour’

Carin Kurling emphasizes that the project aims to give a hope to the people that “they can actually wake up every morning and go to a job, that they are part of in an industry that needs them.” The project closely works with the painting industry which is in need of young painters as the ones in the industry are usually men and are getting older and older.

The project informs the youth that they have a skill and the society needs them – starting from painting on the streets to painting to the households and offices.

“We focus more on people who are far away from the labour market. There are people who are not registered with Arbetförmedlingen. They are not there in their statistics,” informs Carin.

‘Put on colour’ aims to create employment with the help of painting industry and promote integration. It primarily focuses on the not-so-glamourous (away from city centres) and underprivileged areas with high employment rate such Hammarkullen, Angered and Hjällbo.

Carin believes that it is not the time to blame police or politicians but everyone in the society has a duty to contribute to the society from an individual to a company.

Sätt Färg På i Göteborg team, left, 2nd row, at a function organized by Göteborg& Co

‘Put on Colour’ in Gothenburg is working on 21 km of Art for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021 – it is setting may world records (keep noticing and keep counting).