Beach in the Heart of Gothenburg by Stenpiren


Many things pop up in the city either it is summer or it is going to be about the celebration of 400th birthday of Gothenburg in 2021, and the preparations have started for the celebrations.

The City of Gothenburg or Göteborgs Stad has turned up a strip of land by Stenpiren into a beach in order to enable the residents to give a quick and easy access to the beach right in the heart of the city.

Stenpiren is one of the new tram-, bus-, and boat-stop in Gothenburg, and one of the fastest growing areas in terms of development.

The beach facing the River Göta Älv is attracting passers-by and tourists but yet to get the attention of the residents for many of them are unaware of it.

The beach gives access to Gothenburgers either living on this side or that side of the river as it has connectivity by bus, tram and boat. One can also take a boat to Södra Skärgården via Lindholmspiren.

The beach is within the walking distance from the Central Station, and also from Järntorget.

Comfort Hotel, restaurants and convenience stores within and outside Stenpiren waiting room helps visitors to buy something to eat or drink, and soak in the sunny weather by the beach.

The beach has 5 beach umbrellas, 10 sleeping decks and a wooden deck with three rows. Altogether the beach can accommodate more than 24 people and many more on the multi-rowed wooden deck.

Oskar and Terese, the visitors to the beach, agreed to be photographed at the request of

Oskar & Terese cherishing their companionship in the beach by sitting on the top of the wooden deck

The beach is decorated with giant pots of flowers. You shall not be surprised to discover butterflies flitting in and out of the flowering plants.

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