Bombay Bistro in Lindholmen: Open 7 Days a Week  


Gothenburg has a couple of restaurants with the name Bombay: Bombay Palace, Bombay Bistro, and Bombay, in different parts of the city. There is one in Lindholmen next to the bus stop with the name Bombay Bistro. The ambience of the bistro is unique facing directly to the street on one side and on the other sie of the wall are sprinkled with the stars of Bollywood, and there is that auto or the tuk-tuk with its registration number – Rajasthan in India. Another unique aspect of the bistro is that it is even open on weekends when Lindholmen looks deserted. On weekdays more than twenty thousand people converge in the area, and has different types of restaurants.


Lindholmen is located on the island of Hisingen and on the northern shore of the river Göta Älv. The area is the IT hub of the city which has the offices of leading software companies including AI, mobile technologies and IT services. The area has re-branded itself as the home of Lindholmen Science Park and also has the campuses of University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Lindholmen Science Park is a collaborative environment involving researchers, innovators and educators in the areas Transport, ICT and Media.

BOMBAY BISTRO has a menu with starters, grill or tandoori, vegetarian dishes, various types of bread, side orders such as raita and chutney and drinks including mango lassi. It also offers catering and charges SEK 189 per person (at the time of the publication of this article, please check for prices on the website) and the catering is taken if the order is for twenty diners. The speciality of the bistro is their main dishes, both vegetarian (VEGGIE) and non-vegetarian (HURRY CURRY). For more information about the bistro, check:

Bombay is the name of the city on the west coast of India, and the financial capital of India, and the capital city of the state called Maharashtra. But the name ‘Bombay’ doesn’t exist anymore except in the Indian diaspora and in its place is the name Mumbai. Mumbai is the headquarters of India’s film industry called Bollywood which produces more movies than Hollywood.