Café PUBLIK: Homophily  


Café PUBLIK is late-day opening cafe-cum-bar located on the street called Andra Långgatan in Gothenburg: Göteborg.


The café does not offer any exceptional food or note-worthy drinks but it has an unparalleled charm. The charm to the café is brought to it by its customers. The customers range from students to political types to visitors of all shades: hipsters and hippies to politicos and musicians to young and able-bodied denizens. Among its regular customers are those who are conscious of political developments in their vicinity and in their country and the political conversations dominate their conversations. Are the customers left-leaning or right-leaning or middle of the political spectrum?

Aby Francis Wilson, the manager of the café, says the place is located in the building owned by Vänsterpartiet and that gives the impression that it is a leftists’ café but it more of a hipster’s café.

The café also attracts people leaning on the political left and more leftists, young and old, visit the homophilous café. Homophily is a tendency to connect with other people who share similar characteristics and tastes (values, socio-economic status, beliefs, attitudes, outlook, likes and dislikes, class).

Aby says the pub has regular customers who visit the café after work and meet their chums over coffee or beer before egressing to their homes.

In the late-night hours of the day, the café truly serves coffee as well.

The café plays music of the 70s, has regular DJs and friendly staff. The day visited the café on 11-12th January 2019, the regular DJ was absent and in that DJ’s place a customer acted as the DJ. He was given the choice to play the music he wanted and the music the customers would appreciate otherwise the staple music of the café is rock and punk as well.

Address: Andra Långgatan 20
Nearest Tram- and Bus-Stop: Järntorget

Phone: +46 31 146520 (not updated since 2008)

Opening times: 11:30 am–1 am on weekdays, 1pm-1am on Saturdays



The café has a signboard behind its bar counter: BE NICE OR GO AWAY! If you do not want to be nice (civilised) to yourself and to others, you can go away. And, there are bars and cafes on both sides of this one, and opened longer than it does with more options.