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Friday, December 9, 2022

Poetry: Poets on Stage, Poetry to Performance at Folkteatern

A poetry event brought Marit Kapla, Nino Mick, Kristine Victoria Madsen to the stage at Folkteatern and other emerging poets who set their literal...

Mellowed Celebration But Jubilant: Sri Krishna Janmashtami

“When I go to the temple I feel the peace, enjoy meeting people” -Sony Gupta. “Be selfless." Adherents of Hinduism in and around Gothenburg gathered...

SHIP TO GAZA in Gothenburg

A group in Gothenburg actively campaigns for lifting the blockade in Gaza in Palestine, and demand for the blockade imposed by Israel to end...

Spice Room: Fusion of Orient and Occident, Where Food is Art, Drinks Aesthetic

Spice Room is the latest fine-dining restaurant in Gothenburg, Göteborg. Located on Magasinsgatan the new restaurant uses the best seasonal ingredients in Sweden and...

Protests against Russian Invasion in Ukraine

In the mildly sunny noon, Gothenburgers gathered at the Gustav Adolf Torg, the central square in the 400-old-city, in protest against the Russian invasion...



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