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Short, Short; Story:

Parent(s)’ Lightness in Darkness

The moment the clock on the steeple tower of the church, Annedalskyrkan, shows 7, Emmalee Lindau shows herself up at Linnéplatsen with her child...
Short, Short; Story: After, Alas!

After, Alas!

After, Alas! Gently, Rojin closed the door (kids are asleep) and briskly stepped out of the hotel room. The room has been serving as temporary...

Ascension of Affection

Ascension of Affection Sofi Pedersdotter has arrived at her nonagenarian father’s fifth-floor flat in an apartment overlooking another block in Redbergsplatsen one of the densely...


Abuzz Elsa sat by the aisle without noticing who the person was in the window seat. All the preferred seats were occupied except for the...



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