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Short, Short; Story:

…Wedding in Philippines…

…Wedding in Philippines… “Slightly nervous,” Qia Bjurwald said in a quivering voice to Erik Wirldmark as she took her spot opposite to him. She has...
Short, short story

Anger Hastens Ageing

NOT TO BE late for her appointments, social or medical or official, was in her nature. This spring morning, which was neither drizzly nor...

Musical Man sans Audibility

Musical Man sans Audibility The day after Christmas, Patrik Falkenland and Antje Vikström freed themselves from family and friends and set out to spend some...

Ascension of Affection

Ascension of Affection Sofi Pedersdotter has arrived at her nonagenarian father’s fifth-floor flat in an apartment overlooking another block in Redbergsplatsen one of the densely...



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