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Short, Short; Story:

My Pirate Grandfather

My Pirate Grandfather For our weeklong holiday, tomorrow we will fly to Barcelona. Barcelona doesn’t want tourists like us to come but. The cooked and uncooked...

Non-Pilgrim’s Pilgrims’ Walk

Non-Pilgrim’s Pilgrims’ Walk At the bridge over the canal connecting Avenyn the High Street and Kungsportsplatsen the vibrant spot, lonesome Mats Liljestrand could see Leif...

The Conscientious Man

The Conscientious Man One by one started to converge at the courtyard of a complex. It is a small complex of smaller buildings and a...

Laotse’s Finesse on Toini’s Countenance

Laotse’s Finesse on Toini’s Countenance On a drizzly autumnal day in the year the DJ Avicii left the world, Toini Skoglund paces towards Nails &...



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