Compose, Comprise, Constitute


Compose, Comprise, Constitute

The world is composed of different countries and cultures …

India is composed of diverse language speakers, ethnicities, castes and religions: unity in diversity.

Compose functions as a verb, so are composes, composed, composing; composed is an adjective and a composer is a noun.

Compose means to write music, opera.

Composed means to form in combination, and make up.

Adele started to compose songs when she was a teenager.

Formally, compose means to write a speech, poem, a text; to write something; produce, create, frame, invent, contrive.

Can you recall the compositions you have written when you were in the school?

The budding politician composes letters in the morning to the authorities and constituents.

Compose refers to the parts of something, elements of something; the parts or elements form something, a whole; constitute, make up, make, build, form, construct, compound; put together, organize. And in this sense it also refers to comprise. The opposite of compose is destroy.

An Indian movie is usually composed of songs, fights, period or current costumes…

Compose yourself refers to calm yourself, pull yourself together (when you want to react angrily), collect yourself.

Composed is an adjective meaning calm, cool, collected, relaxed, confident, and self-controlled.

Meditation also teaches a person to stay composed; to have a composed manners.

Sound and deep sleep enable a person to have composed look.

She is a composed person in the face of adversity.

Composer is a musician. Composer is the one who composes music.

Comprise is a verb meaning to have as parts or members of something, to be made up of; to be the parts or members of something (organization, committee, entity); forming together.

Note that whole comprises its parts; parts compose the whole….

India is comprised of different religions (Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism).

Cosmopolitan cities usually comprises of different language speakers and ethnicities.

The solar system is composed of 8 planets (Pluto lost its planetary status).

Note that comprise in the sense of parts or members of something; be formed, could also means consists of, composed of, constitutes.

India comprises of/consists of/is composed of 29 states and 7 Union Territories.

The Indian Parliament comprises of/consists of/is composed of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

A family usually comprises of/consists of/ is composed of father, mother, son and daughter.

While composed or constitute refers to ‘form’; to make up; and compose is usually used in the passive voice.

The 29 states and 7 Union Territories comprise/constitute/compose India.

Father, mother, daughter and son comprise/constitute/compose a family but this can change if India legalizes the demands of LGBT society.

India comprises of 29 states.

England has many counties?

The system is constituted of 24 independent campuses (but using comprised of – is incorrect or wrong)