Curry Kitchen: Indian Restaurant & Take-Away


Curry the word has found its way into the English dictionary: we have curry functioning as a noun and verb, curried as an adjective, curry-comb is a phrase referring to rubbing down a horse, and there is an idiom – curry favour with somebody.  And, curry is also in the Swedish dictionary: (en) curry, curryn. Curry betyder en gul stark krydda (mixture of spices, yellow in colour and hot).

Will curry the dish (chicken curry, lamb curry, vegetable curry…) make inroads into the Swedish cuisine like ‘chicken tikka masala’ in the UK?

Sarbjit Singh has started a restaurant named CURRY KITCHEN: INDIAN RESTAURANT – TAKE-AWAY in Mölndal the adjoining town of Gothenburg. But the restaurant is almost in Gothenburg – walkable from Chalmers University. Sarbjit Singh says the two places are almost same except for the names, but Mölndal has the village feel. He chose the spot for the restaurant after gaining experience of working in Indian restaurants in Gothenburg.

Sarbjit Singh: The proud owner of Curry Kitchen

The world shows some twin cities have merged into one without a buffer zone such as Budapest (Buda & Pest), Wuhan (Hankou, Hanyang & Wuchang), but some twin cities have maintained their distinct identify like Hyderabad and Secunderbad. Gothenburg and Mölndal are almost one except for the local administration. When you cross from Gothenburg to Mölndal or vice versa it is almost imperceptible unless a signboard informs you: valkomen!

With more than 20 Indian restaurants in Gothenburg, Sarbjit Singh chose to start his own restaurant in Mölndal on Kroksläks Parkgata because he got an ideal place. The restaurant has a seating for 75 diners, place for parking for customers, closer to Mölndal central area and fairly accessible for students living around Chalmers University.

“We have many customers who walk down from Mölndal Centrum for lunch to our restaurant. They come here for the taste, and the restaurant is located within a walking distance particularly for the people working in the offices,” says Sarbjit Singh.

The restaurant is getting good response from the customers says Sarbjit Singh. He proudly discloses that the restaurant stands in the top spot in the area in terms of customers’ patronage. He is branching out to give outdoor catering, and also delivering food for customers to their doors.


Address: Kroksläks Parkgata 49 Mölndal

Phone: 031-382 33 03


Bus no: 761, bus-stop: Hökegårdsgatan


Sarbjit Singh came to Sweden in 2001 as a student, worked in restaurants as a waiter and cook, but today he runs his own restaurant.  

The restaurant serves wide choice of dishes. Their speciality is ‘Madras Curry’ or ‘Murgh Madras’: Sydindisk kycklinggryta med doft av curryblad och coriander i het kokosmasalasås!