Egg & Milk: Open 7 Days a Week from 7am: Breakfast & Brunch


Do you know a place in Gothenburg that serves breakfast and brunch every day and seven days a week (note, Saturdays and Sundays, too) from 7am?


If you do not know, you will know, now: Egg & Milk.

Egg & Milk is located on the street called Övre Husargatan by Linnéplatsen and closer to Slottskogen, and has been catering to Gothenburgers, and visitors since 2005.

The speciality of the place is the two principal items are pancakes and bagels, and most of the items on the menu are made of egg and milk. Anna Schärlin is the owner and one of the chefs. She saw a potential for such an eatery fourteen years ago and she started the place for two reasons: she wanted to have a working life that suited her family and personal life; and to serve breakfast and brunch for the residents.

Anna Schärlin: “This is a breakfast and brunch place which you don’t usually find here in Sweden or in Gothenburg.”

Anna says: “We are a different place than the usual Swedish places and we have different kind of food. This is a breakfast and brunch place which you don’t usually find here in Sweden or in Gothenburg. That is why you should come here for good breakfast or brunch.”


Egg & Milk has a fixed menu and there is no room for disappointment, or to brood over the menu as to what to eat or drink. “There is a fixed menu and some extras like Christmas bagels and Easter bagels,” Anna informs. “Most of the dishes are made of egg and milk – pancakes, omelette, scrambled egg, egg and bacon.”


The speciality dish of the place is American pancakes. Pancake is one of the staple breakfast or round the day food item of Swedish cuisine (there is hardly a Swede who cannot make pancakes unless s/he is allergic to flour or milk or eggs).

Is there a difference between an American pancake and Swedish pancake? Yes. Anna Schärlin explains: “Swedish pancakes are just flat and the American pancakes are made with baking soda and they are thicker. The American pancakes are eaten with maple syrup and Swedish pancakes you eat it with just jam.”

The busiest days for Egg & Milk are on Saturdays and Sundays, and summers are the busiest when compared to other seasons.

If you want to treat yourself to get over a hangover or, treat your friend or family with a good breakfast or brunch, you can think of Egg & Milk preceded or succeeded by a walk or a jog in Slottskogen. Or, early risers can treat themselves. And, Egg & Milk in Gothenburg is an early riser, and will welcome the early risers.

(Early in the morning, when you are reluctant in your laziness to get up, let this thought be at hand:’I am rising to do the work of a human being.’ -Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor)

The eatery will continue to be in business, and at the disposal or Gothenburgers and visitors for some more time. How more years do you think you will run this place, Anna? And, Anna has an unwavering answer: “Probably until I die.”

AddressÖvre Husargatan 23, 413 19 Göteborg

Hours7AM – 3PM

Phone031-701 03 50

Facebook: Egg & Milk