Elicit, Solicit, Illicit, Licit


Elicit, Solicit, Illicit, Licit

Political parties solicit for voters’ support but after the election the voters have to elicit for their support in getting infrastructural works done such as laying sewages to have pukka roads!

Elicit is a verb, to bring or draw out, gather information, to get something from someone or somebody such as facts, information, a response to a question; eliciting involves putting effort to get that information from someone unlike asking; derive something; derive, extract bring to light a piece of information, bring forth.

Splendid interviewers elicit information from the interviewees.

Is it difficult to elicit a reply from a person with whom you may have had a bad experience, and the other person is not responding to your requests?

The lawmakers of the country, Members of Parliament, have the authority to elicit information from the ministers or the ruling party on the floor of the House in the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha.

The variants of elicit are elicits, elicited, eliciting.

Solicit is a verb meaning – asking somebody for something but earnestly such as votes in an election from the voters, money from a lender or creditor or from a friend or family member; requesting, craving, praying for help; asking for information from someone who is an authority or from a person holding power.

The political parties solicit the support of the voters otherwise they cannot rule the country in order to implement their policies, or ideological mandates in a democratic country.

Solicit also indicates to a prostitute or comfort worker or call girl who makes a sexual offer for money or for other service in a public square or space. Soliciting woman could get into trouble if the police happen to spot them on the road, or street, or in any public place.

The variants of solicit are solicits, solicited, soliciting.

Solicitous is an adjective indicating to someone who is concerned or bothered, or anxious about someone’s health, welfare, comforts, safety, security; attentive, caring, and careful about someone or something; enquiring about someone’s safety, well-being.

The solicitous father breathed a sigh of relief when he finally got a call from his daughter.

The variants of solicitous are solicitously and solicitude.

Solicitor is a lawyer who prepares documentation for his or her client in a court. In the US, solicitor also refers to a canvasser who goes door to door to solicit votes for his or her political party.

Licit means legal, accepted, not forbidden.

The opposite of licit is illicit (adjective) meaning illegal, prohibited, unlawful, unlicensed, unauthorized activity.

Illicit relations are frowned upon while licit ones are respected…