Fondant Potatoes

Chef Jafar Said with Fondant Poatatoes at BrasserieX, The Weaver
Chef Jafar Said with Fondant Poatatoes at BrasserieX, The Weaver

Fondant is usually found in chocolates and on cakes. Fondant refers to a soft cream made of sugar, water, and flavourings used as the main ingredient for candies or icings or as an additional ingredient to add more taste. Fondant is usually found in chocolates in a creamy sugar preparation, or on a cake with rolled fondant in the desired shape. Chocolate fondant is a dessert, too.

The process of making fondant itself has gained significance in cooking food, especially potato: the ubiquitous and staple root vegetable which makes its presence as a side dish, a main dish, or in some form in many other dishes.

Fondant in French means melting. The etymology of fondant is fondre, to melt, and from Latin fundere, to melt.

Fondant potatoes take time and involve culinary technicalities. In this method, the potatoes are cooked so that they melt in the mouth. Many gourmet restaurants have started to serve fondant potatoes or by employing the method of making fondant.

Fondant potatoes are served as a side dish to the main dish like schnitzel at Brasserie X, The Weaver. Schnitzel is served with butter of citrus, thyme and browned anchovies; fried capers, fondant potatoes and a sprinkle of cress and parsley.

The method used in making fondant potatoes is: The potatoes are peeled and cut into two halves. Then edges of the cut potatoes are trimmed on the sides to bring them into an oval shape. These peeled and cut potatoes are placed in a tray of melted duck fat by adding garlic bulbs, and thyme and placed in the oven at 90 ⁰C for about 35 minutes, called confit. This slow and long heat makes the potatoes tender and soft. When serving the slow and long-cooked potatoes are re-heated at 200⁰C or at a temperature that brings golden brown to the potatoes.

Fondant Potatoes is part of the main dish of schnitzel on the a la carte menu of Brasserie X, The Weaver.