Foodora in Gothenburg: Delivering Food, Opportunities for Part-time Jobs & Second Income


Foodora is the link between restaurants and diners at home or in the office. Started in 2014, the Berlin-based German online company also operates in Sweden, and in Gothenburg aka Göteborg the second largest city in Sweden. The founders are Manuel ThurnerEmanuel PalluaKonstantin MehlSergei Krauze, and Stefan Rothlehner and its parent company is Delivery Hero and has subsidiaries in other countries.

FOODORA IN GÖTEBORG: Michael Gutheil is one of the riders of Foodora in Gothenburg and also the manager of operations. He said business for Foodora is going well as more orders and new riders are coming to work with the company. At present there are 150 riders in Gothenburg.  He said people from different ages and backgrounds are working for Foodora. “Students, bike fanatics, people who came to Sweden recently and looking for a job and it opens up a lot of career options for them.”

WHAT ONE NEEDS TO HAVE TO WORK WITH FOODORA: an iPhone 4s (or the model that is released into the market after 4s) or an Android phone (4.2. or newer) with data; a bicycle, flexibility to work on weekends, a work permit for Sweden, a Swedish personal number or coordination number, a Swedish bank account and at least 18 years of age.

HOW IT WORKS FOR THE RIDER: one can plan one’s working hours to fit one’s schedule, to get a fixed salary (the minimum rate of pay is 110 kronor per hour on weekdays and 130 kronor per hour on weekends). One can work from a minimum of 10 hours a week to a maximum of 40 hours. Each shift has a minimum of 2 hours (expecting to deliver food from a restaurant to the diner at least two in an hour) and a maximum of 8 hours. The riders can choose their availability and non-availability.


Michael Gutheil and Victor Sundström were present at the Opportunity Day 2018 (the meeting point for employers and jobseekers) and presented the part-time opportunities for jobseekers in Gothenburg.