Gothenburg (Göteborg): Tips to Visitors from Eva Eriksson

Gothenburg (Göteborg): Photo - Eva Eriksson

It´s gonna be a pleasure to show you Gothenburg the 400-year-old city and the second largest city in Sweden.

Gothenburg is a city in all its glory and the city has retained its sense of ‘the Swedish pride’ with ancient ancestors.

The city offers more than just its magnificence. Take a small bus ride outside the city and you are met by wonderful beaches and a sparkling sea.

Have a cup of coffee at any coffee shop. Café are found throughout the town.

Take a stroll along the shopping street Avenyn, down town. Are you feeling brave, buy yourself a train card, the blue trains that runs across the city streets – spårvagn, and have a sightseeing on your own.

Even if you get further away from the central parts, it is easy to find your way back, or you could always whistle for a cab back to your hotel (or ask a local, he or she will help you, but do not hesitate to ask).

When you are still in our harbour city, there are picturesque small streets that lead you further down the seaside with the ferries waiting in the harbor.

Why not bring a Starbucks coffee and a sandwich and put yourself on one of the park benches and stretch out your legs for a while.

If you want an extra kick of knowledge, our science park Universeum located close by our Amusement Park Liseberg, by Gothia Towers hotel, might be an interesting choice for you to visit.

Do you feel really adventurous you could sneak into Liseberg. And let yourself be drawn into an adventure park with games and breathtaking heights in carousels high up in the air.

Once you’ve taken a total of fighting, you can make a stop at Tyrolen for a cool beer and chit chat with some locals.

The people of Gothenburg are genuine, friendly and helpful with a sparkling interest in you.

All of Gothenburg gives a breather of relaxation even though right up in the clock and careers. Take an ice cream and sit by at one of our many statues in the center for a while.

If you do not have to have a full schedule of what to do on your own in the town, just taking a step outside the hotel room and head out into the crowded people, through 5:ans shopping mall, where you can notice that there is a lot of shopping perhaps to entertain another day.

Follow the stream of people heading somewhere and continue to see where you will pop up.

The center of Gothenburg is almost a labyrinth of shopping streets, and you do not end up in a dark alley.

In summer there is so much to do without having to make up plans, and it will not ruin you either, and gives you the time to find the extravagant gift for your dearest at home.

Getting to know the locals, have a chit chat with the suedes, can give you tips on restaurants, dance places and other events.

But as with most cities today, we should always keep bags and know where we have our wallets in the crowd of pushing people!

Join me in the city, about Gothenborg’s tourist and entertainment series

Text & Photos by Eva Eriksson.

Eva Erikkson is a ‘Social Media Manager’ and ‘Content Writer’. You can find her on or on Instagram: cindergaga