Gothenburg, Offers Great Opportunities: Eva Hyllstam, World Trade Centre, Göteborg

Eva Hyllstam, World Trade Centre, Göteborg

Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden, and the only city with an international name: Gothenburg. It is not the national capital yet it has an international atmosphere, and chequered maritime history. And, its biggest advantages since medieval times to the 21st century is its geographical location among the Scandinavian and Nordic countries.


Eva Hyllstam has been a witness to Gothenburg’s contemporary history and to its developments and growth in trade and business in West Sweden. At the age of 25, she was given a task to start a trade centre in Gothenburg, and she accomplished it. Today, after 30 years, the World Trade Centre (WTC) in Gothenburg houses more than 200 businesses ranging from Microsoft and SAP to small businesses powered and envisioned by locals with a global vision.

Eva has played a pivotal role in putting the WTC in Gothenburg on the global map of WTCs – there are more than 300 trade centres in 91 countries in the world but functions as one global network.

WTC in Gothenburg will celebrate its 30th anniversary in November, 2019. Eva talks to about her journey, about Gothenburg and the spirit of Gothenburg.

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Podcast: Eva Hyllstam