Gothenburg’s Global Voice: David Duberg’s War of Worlds & Other Poems


Phenex’s Poems: War of Worlds & Other Poems is a collection of twenty-five poems written by David Duberg. The millennial in Gothenburg encapsulates the feelings and the experiences of life of his generation in poetry that could touch not only a Gothenburger but also people elsewhere in the world.


David Duberg: ‘I wish I could tell you more’ in Whispers

“It is a way for me to ventilate my emotions because I am very good at like … feeling happy all the time even though I am not always happy. So, as I refresh those feelings,” David Duberg says. “What I do in poetry I can take them down again, ventilate them, get out of my system and then go back to be happy again.”

One of the poems in Phenex’s Poems: War of Worlds & Other Poems is ‘Whispers’:


I keep dreaming the same dream

About a child screaming

I’m telling her to shut up

But her dead eyes is worth more

Than a thousand words

And then everything just stops

I’m inside the space of nothingness

But I’m still conscious

That’s when this voice starts telling me

How this child is me

Looking for my way in life

Finds nothing but emptiness

And a voice whispers in my ear

“You are me, and I’m you”

I wake up in panic

The bed is wet, and my eyes are swollen

I wish I could tell you more

But I’m already considered crazy.

David Duberg is a professional chef: pragmatism runs in his blood. He likes his job as a chef but his short-term and long-term aim is devote his time to poetry and music.

“Right now I am a chef and hopefully one day I get out of that business and do what I actually love this is just a way for me to earn money while I have my hobbies. Hopefully, I will have my hobbies one day as a profession,” he notes.

Access to the book: Phenex’s Poems