Gothia Cup 2018: Local Teams Play in Finals, Örgryte IS beats Västra Frölunda


This year’s Gothia Cup in the boys’ B18 class (category) was won by Örgryte IS but it was a tough much against Västra Frölunda as both the teams played well, and a special because the two competing teams were from Gothenburg aka Göteborg . The match was close as only one goal separated from the other and that too that goal was an own goal.

The final match between Örgryte IS and Västra Frölunda was played at Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg, and brought supporters of the teams to the stadium. The finals was played on Saturday, 21 June 2018. Interestingly both teams had been to the finals last year and lost. Västra Frölunda IF in the B16 class against Cap Jeune 31 by 1-0, and Örgryte IS in the B18 class on penalties against Entente Sannois Saint Gratien.

Örgryte IS the winner of B18 Gothia Cup 2018

A press note from Gothia Cup said, “On top of all, Västra Frölunda had the chance to climb a place in the marathon table, having six earlier Gothia Cup wins.

“The game itself showed signs of the tension, with few real dangerous situations. ÖIS had the best in the first half when Tim Stolt Hermansson found Carl Wiklander in front of goal. His finish didn’t find the net and snuck just past the left post.

“Shortly before half-time, ÖIS’ Linus Andersson forced the VF’s keeper Viktor Berggren to a save – not with a shot, but with a cross. The tipped save was then cleared by a helping defender.

“Örgryte’s defense showed why they’ve only conceded two goals in the tournament and gave VF few opportunities to get a shot off on goal. But ÖIS couldn’t capitalize on the good defending, as VF themselves put in a strong effort when ÖIS attacked on the wings.

Örgryte IS versus Västra Frölunda

“With seven minutes to go, the match looked like it was going to penalties. But the VF defense malfunctioned. A miscommunication between a defender and Viktor Berggren caused an own goal, with Sebastian Olsson being the last Öis player to touch the ball.

“Västra Frölunda tried hard to get one back, but failed. A disappointing end för VF – but a win nonetheless for ÖIS, who could take home both the derby and the Gothia Cup with a 1-0 win. And MVP of the game was happy after the game.

“– I have waited so long for this. We really thought so hard in this game and I think a lot of us was a little nervous. It’s just magical, says Sebastian Olsson”

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