Havets Hus: Do You Want to Know What Happens at Night in an Aquarium?


Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union, and the fifth largest country in the continent of Europe by area. With a population of over 10 million, it has the highest concentration of people in the southern part of the country. The western coast of Sweden is lapped by North Sea of Pacific Ocean. In West Sweden, Gothenburg is the largest city, and its vicinities is nature: forests, seas, rivers and lakes. One of the interesting places to visit is Havets Hus.


Havets is located by the sea in a village called Lysekil in the county of Bohuslän. From Gothenburg, it takes about 2 hours in a bus or one can reach by car in an hour and a half.

In Swedish language, hav means sea or ocean: ett hav – havet – hav – haven (A SEA, THE SEA, SEAS, THE SEAS), and hus means house: ett hus – huset – hus – husen (A HOUSE, THE HOUSE, HOUSES, THE HOUSES). And, Swedish language does not usage the punctuation mark apostrophe (’) to indicate possession unlike in English language. Havets Hus means THE HOUSE OF SEA or The Sea House.

Havets Hus is gearing up to welcome visitors in summer 2019 with a range of activities, and after completion of refurbishment. The house is scheduled to open for the public on 23 June 2019.

WHAT IS HAVETS HUS? Havets Hus is a one of West Sweden’s most popular attractions – it offers a ‘closer look on life’ in the western coast of Sweden. “Life arose in the sea. The sea outside Lysekil contains thousands of species, of which about 130 are fish. There are more than 100 animal species in our aquarium,” informs Havets Hus. “Begin at the shallow beaches. Walk through various environments into the depths of the outer archipelago of the western sea.” It also offers camps, seal safaris, guided tours, miniature golf and more in addition to a restaurant and a souvenir shop.


Cuttle Fish has 3 hearts, and its blood can be blue or green.

Rödhaj (red shark) can go really deep, sometimes as deep as 700 metres.

Blågyltan, a sea creature, can start out as a she, and then becomes a he!

HIGHLIGHT: The aquarium at the Havets Hus is allowing people to explore: ‘What happens during night in the aquariums?’ The organisers will help the visitors to discover a world: unseen and unexplored world. The event starts after the closing time, and the conditions are that one has to bring one’s torch or torchlight, and it costs SEK 2250 for a group of 15 persons. Contact details for reservation: havetshus@havetshus.se and 0046 –(0)523-668161. Or, contact the organisers for a reservation or to request for a date to visit

Havets Hus is part of marine biological studies (marine pedagogy) and gives importance to learning about the seas. It also participates in a school development project called marine Mammals.