Housing in Gothenburg: 7,000 Extra Houses


In order to address the housing shortage, the City of Gothenburg (Göteborgs Stad) has planned to build 7000 extra houses. These houses will be ready by the time the city enters 2021. Gothenburg will celebrate its 400th birthday or quadricentennial in 2021, and the preparations are underway.

The 7000 houses are in addition to 2,500 houses which the local government builds every year.

Housing is one of the big issues for a person trying to establish himself or herself in Gothenburg aka Göteborg, whether the person is from Sweden who wants to live in Sweden’s second largest city, or for a student or a scholar or an employee or an immigrant.

Gothenburg is growing, commercially, financially and the population is also growing month after month.

Maria Leojn, from Stadsbyggnadskontoret, told www.gothenburg-400.com that these 7000 extra houses will be in addition to 2,500 that are normally built every year. The local government is aware of the housing shortage, and about the waiting list of on Boplats.se. “It is really hard. I know that we have lot of people are waiting in line to get your own house , or an apartment. So tt is really hard …. But this is the way to boost the market and to give all the companies the energy to build and to come up to a better level.”

Maria Lejon on Gothenburg: “It is a charming city”

Why there is a housing demand for Gothenburg?

“It is a beautiful city. It is a charming city, and charming people, and it is a lovely place to stay,” said Maria Leojn.

Anna Haglund, from Traffikontoret, said that the 7000 extra houses will be built in different parts of the city wherever there is easy access to public transport and infrastructure is in place such as markets and recreational centres. The houses will be built in 30 different areas of Gothenburg. The houses will be built by both public and private sector companies. Anna said, “It is a mix of public companies, housing companies and private. Most of the builders in Gothenburg are involved in this.”

“The ones that are for renting will be on Boplats (boplats.se). The other ones will be like for selling to different people,” Anna informed www.gothenburg-400.com